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Last Chance Rescue Re-homing Dogs and Cats

Last Chance Rescue Dog and Cat rehoming

Last Chance Rescue is a small stray dog and cat rescue in Targu Mures, North West Romania run by a local lady called Monika Kovacs, who has dedicated her life to helping abandoned and injured stray dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

Many unwanted dogs and cats are abandoned and are in danger on the Romanian streets and Monika rescues as many as possible, taking them to her vet for medical treatment and hand rearing the abandoned puppies and kittens.

She has built a small shelter and socializes them with her children, other dogs and cats and when they are ready Last Chance Rescue promotes them to be re-homed (adoption and foster) in the UK.

Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are often treated cruelly in Romania. The rescue itself is named after a puppy called Chance, who had been tied to the back of a car and dragged along the road before being dumped in a field and, despite his cries of pain, ignored by passers by for a week.

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Last Chance Rescue dog and cat Adoption

Adopting from Last Chance Rescue Last Chance Rescue recognises that every adoption has to be looked at on its own merits. We do not have blanket rules about hours worked, age of children or gardens.

We have had many wonderful families and individuals give our dogs amazing homes after being turned down by their local UK rescues because they live in flats, work or have children.

However, like all reputable animal rescues, we need to ensure that our dogs are going to appropriate homes so we do insist on a home check (or a reference from another rescue if you have already adopted from one). As the home checker is unlikely to be one of our team, we would also like to ring you up and have a chat just to ensure that we understand exactly what you are looking for in a rescue dog.

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